Saturday, January 23, 2010


Okay Folks,

Let us continue with ways of getting the best preschool learning materials for your preschool child.Last time we stopped at the Alphabet ‘B’, right? Please you can confirm this by going to the archive of this blog, thank you.

Without taking up much of your time, let me take you and your preschool child to the exciting world of Alphabet ‘C’.

Are you at home? You don’t even need to be at home to follow me on this .There are things your preschool child is already familiar with at your home.Your preschool child does not need to know how to vocalize everything, thai is, call everything by it name, before the child could recognize it.We are considering Alphabet 'C'.What are you are looking at now.Your computer, of course.Your preschool child has seen you use a computer several times, if you are the type that works from home, or take some work home, you just have some personal computers at home for your personal use and for your children.Have you  ever bordered to tell your preschool child that , that thing with a screen but which is  not a Television is called, 'A Computer'.Don't leave it to the teachers or guardians at preschool creche alone to do it.Formal learning for your preschool child should start at whom, with you as the first formal teacher.Now A Computer begins with the Alphabet 'C'.You can tell the preschool child the simple thing a computer is used for.You think the child woull not understand?It seems so , but if this is done repeatedly and consistently, you would be amazed how fast preschool pick up new words, understand them and use them.Remember, they are eager to learn.
So, what is a computer used for?Tell the preschool child, that it is used for typing Alphabets, like 'C', which you have just tell him/her that it is for the word , 'Computer'.Remember, always get the preschool child to repeat new word after you.Even when the child can not pronounce it audibly eniugh to make sense, keep at it and reward the child with a hug or something to get and keep the rythmn and enthusiasm going.Another important ingredient is the song part, you can compose  a short song with ryhmes, of course, with 'C', as the theme.Get the preschool child to sing the song along with you.You can record it and have it on a CD or DVD for future use for emphasis and learning re-enforcement.

Move on to the Alphabet 'D'.D is for dog, oh know , many people might not like this , becaude not everybody likes dogs.Okay, look around and use a word that the preschool child would be familiar with, like 'Door'.Yes, there are doors in your house, the preschool child can touch, he/she has been touching, opening and closing the doors in the house.So, it is a good learning tool.Use it and repeat the process.Always remeber the song part, it is very important learning tool for preschool children.

At this point, what do you think?Do you think you can make any signifiant impact on your preschool child quest to acquire formal education?It si easy to assist that preschool child of your of yours, what you need is time , patience and passion to work a preschool and this is your kid.

Alright, if the approve explained so far is a little bit not in your stride, why don't you try a different approach?Like?Like asking the preschool child what he/she likes or just to mention or touch or suggest some few things he/she appreciates.Preschool children learn faster when learning is mixed or tied to participation and getting them involved to do the things they play with.It becomes much fun this way, believe me, it is not much of a hard work.Again, remember, you are best placed to give your child the best upbringing.You do not have to be a professional preschool teacher to set your child on the right path to qualitative and rewarding career in life.

When the process of learning alphabets becomes too monotonous for the child, take a break from it.Hold on, don't take a break from teaching the preschool child.Oh No, continue, always remeber, it has to be in a very relaxed, playful and enjoyable atmosphere.How about numbers, yea, the counting would agree with me that this the oldest preschool favourite pastime game.

Start by counting little things at home.Again, involve always involve the preschool child by asking the child to touch or point at the things you are counting.The emphasis here, is making it as fun as possible.It is important to re-emphasize the reward technique at this point.This is not an option , it is an integral part of the learning process.Keep in mind, not to shout at the preschool child, when the child has lost the plot.And, I am not in anyway suggesting that teaching and learning must go on eternally.The maximum period of thirty (30) minutes is recommended.

I must stop here at this point, but not before I emphasize the following:

  1.  Always involve your preschool child in the entire learning process,
  2. Use objects that the preschool child is familiar with,
  3. Ensure to institute and maintain the reward system.This is an incentive to the preschool child,
  4. Twist and create songs around subject materials to emphasize learning.Keep the songs simple.
  5. Have fun with your preschool child while learning.
Take care of your preschool child.

THINKING ALOUD: What has fine art got to do with your preschool learning abilities?
Answers needed please.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



I promised to share with you some preschool learning tools, especially those ones , which I believe would be suitable for an African Child.Let us look at some Alphabets and how we can get preschool children to enjoy the fun of using these alphabets to form their first formal words and at the same time enjoy using them in their everyday communication.

Alphabet 'A' is the first all preschool children come in contact with.In developing a software for assisting them in appreciating, using and understanding Alphabet 'A', the preschool environment must be considered above every other thing.What do they see, feel, touch and play with almost everyday?of course, food for preschool, just like adults, is something they take everyday.Therefore , in developing any software, an aspect or what they eat should form a subject of the learning aid.They enjoy fruits, don't they? so you as a parent can use fruits to develop a good software for your preschool child.Once you have settled on the fruit to use, the rest is easy.Anybody, who is willing to learn a few new things and with a rudimentary knowledge of computer can do it.

Let us use The fruit, 'Apple' in this analysis.I love fruit and I know many people that eat this fruit as a desert or an appetiser on a daily basis .It is rich in vitamins and water, so most parents give it to their children to help stimulate their growth and  maintain good health.

Why don't you show your preschool child an apple and get them to voice the word 'Apple'? Follow that up by asking your preschool child to repeat after you .Tell the child that it starts with the Alphabet 'A'.Then you can re-enforce the child's understanding by telling  him the usefulness of an apple fruit and compose a song for him with 'A for Apple' as the theme.Is not difficult, is it?I mean do something different from the common.

Now you can move on to the alphabet 'B'.Of course, the word 'Ball' should readily come to mind.It would be very easy for preschool children to identify a ball with 'B'.They see it on the television, it is always there in the environment  these days because of a lot of footballing activities that we have in today's world.So, you can repeat the process  for 'A', for 'B'.This should be really interesting for you and your preschool.You can have it recorded and put on  CD or DVD for your preschool child to play and learn on his own.

Alright for now.If you need a practical demonstration of the examples I have given above, please write to then take good care of your preschool child(ren).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

African Child and Preschool


Thinking about the quality of education to give to your preschool child?

It is always a naughty decision to make, as these preschool children have not started displaying visible traits to make choice of educational materials easy.It is a more difficult choice to make for parents of preschool children of African descent in an African society.This is why, I have decided to share with you my knowledge on preschool educational materials with parents who have to make a choice of how to set their preschool children on their first learning lessons.In African societies,the communication languages are often quite different from the mother tongue.The first language of communication, preschool children learn and speak is the mother tongue.Even where, they learn and speak the official language as their first, they still think, reason and conceptualize in their mother tongue.Preschool children are largely influenced by their environment, so the mind of a preschool child works according to the dictates of his immediate environment.

It is important that their preschool educational materials must be just right, suitable and in tandem with their learning needs.This preshcool background information is necessary so as to appreciate the need to source for effective and result oriented preschool educational materials for preschool children of African descent.

Next, we will start examining the materials, in classes, styles and approach.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


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