Tuesday, January 19, 2010



I promised to share with you some preschool learning tools, especially those ones , which I believe would be suitable for an African Child.Let us look at some Alphabets and how we can get preschool children to enjoy the fun of using these alphabets to form their first formal words and at the same time enjoy using them in their everyday communication.

Alphabet 'A' is the first all preschool children come in contact with.In developing a software for assisting them in appreciating, using and understanding Alphabet 'A', the preschool environment must be considered above every other thing.What do they see, feel, touch and play with almost everyday?of course, food for preschool, just like adults, is something they take everyday.Therefore , in developing any software, an aspect or what they eat should form a subject of the learning aid.They enjoy fruits, don't they? so you as a parent can use fruits to develop a good software for your preschool child.Once you have settled on the fruit to use, the rest is easy.Anybody, who is willing to learn a few new things and with a rudimentary knowledge of computer can do it.

Let us use The fruit, 'Apple' in this analysis.I love fruit and I know many people that eat this fruit as a desert or an appetiser on a daily basis .It is rich in vitamins and water, so most parents give it to their children to help stimulate their growth and  maintain good health.

Why don't you show your preschool child an apple and get them to voice the word 'Apple'? Follow that up by asking your preschool child to repeat after you .Tell the child that it starts with the Alphabet 'A'.Then you can re-enforce the child's understanding by telling  him the usefulness of an apple fruit and compose a song for him with 'A for Apple' as the theme.Is not difficult, is it?I mean do something different from the common.

Now you can move on to the alphabet 'B'.Of course, the word 'Ball' should readily come to mind.It would be very easy for preschool children to identify a ball with 'B'.They see it on the television, it is always there in the environment  these days because of a lot of footballing activities that we have in today's world.So, you can repeat the process  for 'A', for 'B'.This should be really interesting for you and your preschool.You can have it recorded and put on  CD or DVD for your preschool child to play and learn on his own.

Alright for now.If you need a practical demonstration of the examples I have given above, please write to medayif@yahoo.com.Till then take good care of your preschool child(ren).

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