Sunday, January 17, 2010

African Child and Preschool


Thinking about the quality of education to give to your preschool child?

It is always a naughty decision to make, as these preschool children have not started displaying visible traits to make choice of educational materials easy.It is a more difficult choice to make for parents of preschool children of African descent in an African society.This is why, I have decided to share with you my knowledge on preschool educational materials with parents who have to make a choice of how to set their preschool children on their first learning lessons.In African societies,the communication languages are often quite different from the mother tongue.The first language of communication, preschool children learn and speak is the mother tongue.Even where, they learn and speak the official language as their first, they still think, reason and conceptualize in their mother tongue.Preschool children are largely influenced by their environment, so the mind of a preschool child works according to the dictates of his immediate environment.

It is important that their preschool educational materials must be just right, suitable and in tandem with their learning needs.This preshcool background information is necessary so as to appreciate the need to source for effective and result oriented preschool educational materials for preschool children of African descent.

Next, we will start examining the materials, in classes, styles and approach.

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